Spray Gun, a highly efficient painting tool

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The Spray Gun is made of high efficiency technology and high quality materials, with a variety of features and advantages such as efficient spraying, safety, easy to operate, etc. It can be widely used in home, construction and other fields, and is ideal for you to complete your painting work.

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Name: HB133 Silver Spray Gun
Model No.: HB133
Trigger: 4- fingers
Working pressure: 3600PSI(25MPA)
Material: Aluminum, stainless steel, copper, tungsten steel, carbide, poly A Tsuen
Dimension: 1/4“-18(F) 7/8″-14(M)
Application: for all brands, the gun repair kit is suitable for Titan
Packing: neutral box
N.W.: 527g
G.W: 627g

Product Description:

Spray Gun is an efficient spraying tool that can be widely used in home and construction, etc. It is suitable for many types of paint, including water-based paint, oil-based paint, varnish, etc. It can be sprayed on the surface of walls, ceilings, doors, windows, furniture, cars and other objects.

This Spray Guns use highly efficient coating technology to evenly spray paint on the surface of objects, achieving speed, saving time and effort, while also reducing waste and cost. In addition, this Spray Guns can be equipped with different kinds of nozzles and valves to meet different coating needs.

With a lightweight design weighing only 500 grams, Spray Guns are easy to operate in hand, and the non-slip grip and adjustable nozzle make it easier and more convenient to use. In addition, Spray Guns has a user-friendly design that meets ergonomic principles to ensure the safety and comfort of users. It also features an automatic shut-off valve design that prevents paint from escaping during the spraying process, ensuring a safe and sanitary work area.

This Spray Guns also has the following features and advantages.

Efficient spraying: Spray Guns uses efficient coating technology to achieve fast and even coating results and improve work efficiency; at the same time, its nozzle design prevents leakage and reduces waste.

Multiple coating scenarios: Spray Guns can be equipped with different nozzles and valves to meet the needs of different coating scenarios, and can spray a variety of coating types, such as water-based coatings, oil-based coatings, varnishes, etc.

Safety and Reliability: Spray Guns are ergonomically designed to ensure the safety and comfort of users.

Easy to carry: Spray Guns are designed to be lightweight, weighing only 500 grams, making them easy to carry on business trips and travels to meet the needs of different workplaces.

Spray Guns are also very easy to install, just follow the steps in the manual. In addition, to ensure the performance and longevity of Spray Guns, regular maintenance and servicing are recommended.

All in all, Spray Gun is an efficient, safe, versatile and easy to use spraying tool that can meet your different spraying needs. If you need a high quality, versatile spraying tool, the Spray Guns is the ideal choice for you.

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