Color steel tile spraying machine purchase guide and spraying skills

Color steel tile in factories, warehouses, parking sheds and other places on the roof of the use of more. Color steel tile in long-term use, it is prone to rust, water leakage and other problems, we need to refurbish it regularly. That spray color steel tile with what spraying machine?
HVBAN's HB1195HD high-pressure airless spray machine is recommended for large-area painting renovation. This machine is suitable for large-area spraying, saving time and effort in use, and can save the use of paint. The spray paint is more uniform and thick.

Color steel tile spraying machine purchase guide and spraying skills

What should color steel tile paint renovation notice?

First, before painting, to remove the rust on the surface of the color steel tile, the rust will not only affect the appearance of the color steel tile, performance, but also affect the adhesion of the paint, will affect the renovation work. In addition, but also the dirt and dust on the surface of the old color steel tile clean up, which can effectively improve the adhesion of the paint, but also make the paint spray more uniform.

Second, before painting, should buy color steel tile special paint, do not recommend the use of other paint. This is so color steel tile paint is suitable for metal surface, and its sunscreen performance is good, anti-corrosion, but also has waterproof, anti-rust and other functions, can extend the life of color steel tile.

Third, before painting, to the color steel tile paint mixed evenly, and then poured into the special tools. When spraying, the color steel tile should be sprayed evenly, so that the later is not easy to appear the problem of paint falling, but also to ensure that the spray paint is more beautiful.

Fourth, after spraying, it is necessary to take some protective measures to spray the finished product, to avoid being rained on, and try not to touch with hands.