Road marking solutions

1. How to improve operation efficiency because of large engineering quantity and tight construction period?

Highway marking is usually a large amount of engineering, construction period is tight, which leads to the use of domestic major marking line construction team to increase manpower, multi-section construction method to improve marking efficiency. How to save time and labor under the condition of increasing efficiency has become an urgent need for each line team to understand and solve the problem.
We sincerely recommend HVBAN double pump double gun marking machine, which has the following advantages:

1.1 Frame structure, can be used for road marking, to achieve spraying and road painting line.
1.2 Spray gun support can be adjusted freely and flexibly according to spraying requirements.
1.3 Electric bearing wheel and precision bearing on guide wheel make direction control more accurate.
1.4 Turn the front wheel to make the kerb marking easier. Drawing radians and curves is simple and easy.
1.5 The pressure balancing device makes the spraying effect more uniform and stable, and provides the best marking quality
1.6 Double pump and double gun design, higher spraying efficiency.

2. How to solve the persistence of highlighting line reflection?

Two-component spraying marking because reflective glass beads are surface scattered process, there is no mixed beads, so the adhesion requirements of the surface glass beads are very high, think to achieve reflective lasting type, must choose good quality can withstand the test of the two-component paint and bright glass beads. Look at the reflection of the line, in addition to the adhesion of glass beads, but also pay attention to the light transmittance and round rate of glass beads. The selection of glass beads from the production of materials, the selection of glass, impurities and light transmission requirements are very high. So the attenuation of light in the reflection process is greatly reduced.

The circular rate of the glass beads ensures the original reflection of the light. The higher the circular rate, the brighter it will feel when illuminated by the headlights. Reflective glass bead into the round rate of more than 95%, do a good job in each step of the reflective, to achieve the overall reflective effect.

3. How to correctly select the nozzle size of marking machine?

In the use of marking machine and road marking construction, the first thing to consider is what kind of nozzle. The correct nozzle selection can make the construction smooth and simple, but also a kind of maintenance of the equipment, and increase the service life of the equipment.

4. Not drawing straight lines

Sometimes in the construction of the marking machine will run off the problem, this problem should be the fixed screw above the directional, in the case of easy to push the car 5 meters, feel the straight line, the 2 fixed screws tighten a little, and then try again. You can tighten it up if you can. If the nozzle is inconsistent with the model required by the scribing machine, it is also possible to cross the situation, at this time should be replaced with the nozzle model test required by the manufacturer. Usually in the construction should pay attention to the operation of the supervision, if there is a problem solved in time.

Post time: Mar-24-2023